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    Howdy gals, I dunno if you seen it this before, if you don't. Well today is your lucky day. A whole year has passed since I made this caption for the Haven Quaterly and since I consider it to be from the new line of work I produce it will be posted here - I had a previous one for the second Issue alas I cannot find it in my hard drive sorry - 

    The Attack of the Symbiote Queen: Issue #3

    The story may seems silly but then again Symbiote appearing in our planet is silly too! Is a lovely excuse to read a great corruption symbiote story though. I have to say this was lovely proofreaded from ShySteffie, so thanks Steffie.

    Enjoy. The next year I'll release one of the captions I've made for Issue #4

    In other news I have been asked to redone the older captions I've posted here into the new style. I'm not against it, but it seems much work and I have to be sure you will like it. In the end is like making the same caption but with another format - and possibly with better grammar! -

    What do you think?

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: I wanted to do a caption for Issue 5# but I ran out of time, so until the next one, sorry.

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    Howdy gals, I skipped some study time to come up with this funny idea. This for the captioneers out there who want to join the fun.

    So I found that there is a "special day" before Valentine's day, it's called Mistress Day, which is used for those that cheat on their wives... But let's forget about those, let's get more sexy. So I had this idea that we could post something about a Mistress Day all across the captioneer world. What do you think?

    Mistress Day, February 13th

    Is the February 13th, also in China is on March, but whatever let's get down with this one.

    Let's get your pens, plumes, keyboards, hands ready and start to write a nice or naughty story or both. Its your call!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, don't drool much yet. I'm releasing it now in order to have more voices talking and bitching, not really, about the game and whatsnot. I'm thinking about putting it on TFGamesites and Hypnopics Collective Forum, but much later on. 

    I prefer to be aware that people won't come here bitching much about what I do, hehe, no just kidding. It's probably obvious that there are better games than mine and I have not much experience in RAGS, so I'm probably doing a mistake on releasing it right now, but whatever I think I will learn something of this.

    First I would like to give a big thank you to MDQP which is a great game creator which has Blanked, Through hard earned trust - it's actually a name, yeah - and The Tales of the Drunken Cowboy story. 

    My game has been inspired by his games but also Rough Landing and Bodywerks too. Those are pretty huge names and games, don't expect it mine to be as nearly as perfect as those.

    The mansion of Lust

    Go to that link, leave a comment if you want and there you'll find the game ready to download.

    Have fun

    I'm also reminding you bloggers out there that there are 6 days yet to participate in your blogs on the Valenswine caption day. 

    Mistress Day

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, and well met new followers or newcomers, acolytes? Maybe? Forgot your place and stranded people... Are you paying attenttion at all? hehe. Nevermind, just kidding a bit. Yes I'm happy today, because I finished my exams, we cannot say with flying colours, because I had two subjects from last year, but anyway the important part is to pass on them. I hope so.

    Today I bring you the already promised caption for Valenswine. I won't do a Valentine's because this one is more fun and because you are here, I'm here, and we all are here. Remember? Okay, let's get into the fun part. I thought it would fun to throw into a quickie for this one and let you all readers develop in how the volunteer... victi... errrrr guy fell into this situtation. Enjoy!

    If you are counting, we are 10 post ahead to the 200th post. And if you already know what happened at 100th post. Well Let's say this will be much, much, much more bigger. So probably there will a whole month without updates, but it will be worth I assure you!

    Also I'll try to change the header - finally - this weekend and some stuff here and there. 

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, sorry for the absence!

    Today and tomorrow I'll be updating the overwiew of the blog and some features will dissapear while others will change of place. Background, colours schemes, everything will be changed soon. So don't worry if you happen to see some stuff not supposed to appear in anywhere hehe. 

    Also yes, later, much later I'll change the banner. So without further ado, I'm going to work on it.

    It's incredible what you can find on the net these days: A latex worker!

    Update: The background it's not supposed to be like that, I'm creating it. So don't panic!
    Update 2: Okay, done for now. You tell me what you think. Hard to read? Too busy? Looks great? Not? Whatever comes to mind!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 05/07/13--09:55: Hectic Months
  • Howdy people, I'm sorry for not being able to stay around here the way I wanted or tried to, but you know how the world is going on, Europe and Spain, my personal situation more or less and so on. It's time for those things that you want to fight it till the end and I was focused on not losing my scholarship, otherwise it could have been bye bye university. Also my father could have died this last month because of problems that happened in hospital and how the whole thing is affecting everything in this country. Please, I'm not making this up, I'm... I feel terrible for not have been able to be there when my father almost died, because of his heart problems and diabetes, and not being able to have his pills for four days - long story - ... *sigh*

    Right now I'm about to enter the "final lap" of this year in university, so I won't be able to do proper updates till next month.

    I'm sorry...

    Just a sneak peek of what I want to write about, I hope this summarize and interesting story on how it could go, don't know yet!

    Daenerys is my favourite character of both the books and TV series

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    Howdy people, just keeping you inform that next week possibly I'll start to update the blog again. But mostly to inform you that the universe has a way to keep you entertained, well the last post turned out to be a pain to write while this one will be a sweet one.

    First I gained back my scholarship, due to an error on my university and the administration I've demonstrated to them that I was right they were wrong! (Insert FF fanfare song)

    Second my father is out of danger and kicking, in a few weeks (or months) he will hospitalized for a surgical intervetion. Nothing too dangerous, just replacing a "spring" in the heart (I don't know the technical name for that sorry!) and checking on it. Just a non invasive intervention really.

    Third, while I may - they could have - screwed up my studies and have to do exams in september, I have obtained the opportunity to start doing by then, business practices for a graphic designer work. So yes that's means this summer will be filled starting next week with a training course in Photoshop, In - Design and Illustrator. Let's keep finger crossed.

    So thank you for the people that left me messages of good will the last post. It's funny how the last month was a ride to the dark and now I'm starting to see the bright light of day.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    And to make this post more meaningful (Well its really meaningful already, but you know what I mean) 

    Here are some short stories, which may or may not become full stories. I'm a bit rusty right now!

    I know Fred, lust took the best out of me, I'm sorry I had to possess your body. Life as a cat is not that great, and please don't look at me like that. You know I just had to change your - mine - body. If you are good I may concede you a neko style soon.

    And who are you the proud girl said, 
    that I must stand so lonely. 
    Only a man in a different world, 
    trapped with this hot bod'.
    Dress in gold, or a coat of red
    A woman shall keep his claws
    And mine are long, and pretty my lord
    You know I keep them close.
    And so she spoke, and so she spoke,
    The lady standing here,
    but now the coat has fallen down,
    With someone here to fear
    Yes know their coat has fallen down,
    Yes she shall keep him here.   

    (Just to make sure, I'm not a Lannister M'kay, but this song is incredibly beautiful and touching)

    He was mean, he didn't want to help, he was just fooling around, well his wife found a way to let him be useful for once. 

    Welcome to my abode, please have a seat. Oh well, I see you are already sitting. Please be wary that this place has many ways to keep their visitors appealing to the house. Cordelia just stood there with a sly smile in her face, she couldn't believe how easy it was to lure people into her domain. She just had to show the chair. And they all fell down to his powers, whether they wanted it or not.
    And we all know how much we miss our precious and naughty friend Evie, I know I miss her, she was so kind to introduce me to her family. It was an honour to be part of her game!

    Just three women, with a dangerous game, prepared to unleash the chaos within their hearts. They don't do it because they are necessarily evil, they just do it because it's fun to make it happen. And So Evie and their two sisters, Kyra and Alectra have a story to tell, one that is so hot you will fall for theirs tricks and begging to be one of the hydes.

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    Hey ho! Guys and gals, and in between *tee hee* this is me Raffside taking over. I've been plotting, adding plans and then plotting a bit more till I got a bit of control over. You see from time to time I may decide - you don't! - as we speak Alectra is getting infuri... errrr infuri.... MAD right, MAD with jealous.. jeaulos... Hmmmm nevermind, getting mad that's right! And I love it *tee hee*

    Well, where was I? Ouh yes. I'll be adding some nasty and naughty caps which Alectra don't like at all. Just to make sure we start this nice and clean. Here introducing you to a torment an Alectra for a day *giggle*


    I know I had to do it. I mean c'mon she went all bossy getting herself in the logo and taking me out! You didn't see this coming uh? Neither me!

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    Okay gals, this an informing you type of post, so if you can hold on a while longer, you'll see new content. Probably tomorrow or sooner. I have some ideas already brewing in my head. If that's the hot for you, so anyway... To the important matter.

    I apologize for not updating and not telling you why in awhile, but this has a serious response on my part. I feel terrible and I wanted to express it sooner but alas I couldn't. So here we go... *sigh*

    My first cousin (which is my dad cousin, sort of a political cousin, I don't know how it goes the system in the rest of the world, can anyone enlight me on that matter?) Died from cancer (a metastatic disease which led to a huge multiorgan failure. REALLY terrible) some weeks ago, and I was really shocked. I mean he was 46 years old. DAMN It was a huge loss, I was really bonded to him and so was my father. So forgive me, I wasn't up "for playing the role" nor anything.. This also for those that are awaiting me in Rachel's Haven because I know I hasn't been active in awhile.

    Another reason which is less important is the hot. There has been some really hot days and I wasn't able to put the computer enough time nor the laptop, not even so start up the program to do captions or even advance the game I have planned for RAGS, because it needs many resources and adds to the overall heat of the computer...

    Also I wasn't called back for the training course, so it's kind of on hold. Don't know.

    Anyway, I've seen people have liked the Raffside stunt, so I'll remember that in the future and play a bit more with this. You'll see.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • 07/18/13--16:40: Silked in Style
  • Howdy gals, today I bring you a new caption. It's a bit short compared to others I know just that, but I'm still working on that big story and well I'll just try to launch whatever story crosses in the middle. I'm just like that! I may or may not, depending on things you already know from last posts udpate more captions. But in the posts 200 we'll make a "tiny" stop. Its has to be a caption extravaganza, so It will take awhile.

    Here's the caption. Enjoy!

    I know, I  know it's a bit basic compared to other works, as I said. It was a quick job on my part. I'm also not saying it was a subpar attempt, but the story for me is a bit more deep than usual. I never really tap into the feelings of those people that think that are in the wrong body. I just fantasize with the idea, but never stopped to think about it. The regretfulness, the new sensations, anything is new, etc. Of course it's magic or technology as you may see fit in this story!

    I couldn't stop at the end and I had to break the fourth wall, because I know that some people that visit this site, really feel like this, so it's kind of a gift. And a bit of interaction. Or just me playing too much deadpool and doing that. Because that would make Deadpool for you. And now that I think about it. I'm kind of a DP person... Just in a different way, I don't pretend to kill people, but to enslave... errr forget that part. Will you?

    And now the recommendation of the day: Issue

    It's probably the largest database with magazines that I have ever found, of course it has many magazines covering fetish and the likes. I liked it, and it's free to watch. So have fun! At first its a bit tricky to find something you may like, but once you are there, you can make favourites and add to your list types, to watch it later or find similar content.

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  • 07/24/13--17:06: Hidden sight
  • Howdy people, if you want to know where's the caption click on the image!

    Today I bring you a caption exploring the sensation of being unable to see anything around you. A blindfold game with a little of MC content in there. It was fun to create and so I hope you find it too


    I would like to give a shout out to Smitty Simon Caps which is leaving the TG Captions Scene, but that you will stind find him in Tumblr doing other stuff.

    To Caitlyn Masks because she found a job and we are sure that won't find enough time yet to do captions (hopefully she will, but maybe not)

    And to Mistress Simone which wrote a beautiful post talking about it

    I myself find that I'm not really enjoying it captions like I used to... This is because I don't find the time to read captions, nor even comments on stuff I like or even less encourage someone to do this or that. Things I would usually enjoy. I don't want to leave the Haven just yet, but I feel like I have obliged myself to part away from the community. I really want to be active and do great captions, also for the people that I still owe something. But I'm now finding it like some kind of job and I don't really want to be feel it that way. Needless to say that I find it sometimes a hard time to compel myself to write a good text in english - which can vary from half and hour to days - 

    The other day I read it in the news that this crisis is changing our moods, maybe is that and is making me not to do anything in fear it would be a subpar job... I was also thinking on taking some "vacations" from the caption scene because I think I'm falling into a rut here. Ideas doesn't flow as before and time is kind of not "in my side". I still have to see if after the 200th post I'm able to do more stuff. Then again, depending on various reasons, I will decide if I have to leave it on hold or not.

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    Howdy people, since I have to make posts till the 200th and have no desire on creating something new (I do have something new, but needs the finishing touches and they will be explained don't worry)

    Here's a cap I've made for the Quaterly, and probably in a few days I'll release the other one. Because this time I did two of them.

    More after the Jump...

    The Theme was something to do with Twitter, so I went and explored twitter - I didn't have an account back there, so I didn't now about the word limititation - well there is the twit longer app, but it doesn't apply - It's magic to begin with, so no more explaining about it!

    The design will not be the next big thing, but since it was made a year ago, I think it shows the evolution if you compare it to my recent cap. And yep those are legit urls, so if you don't type them you'll miss have of the fun.

    Thanks for all the people that will be missing me - for some time - and thanks to Caitlyn and Jennifer for taking the time to express their feelings in the last post.

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    Howdy people here's the second cap I told you about in the last post. I noticed from other authors blogs that sometimes It could be hard for the reader to actually fully enjoy the cap, because the text becomes a bit hard to read. Also noticed that some other captioners post the transcription directly in the post. So I'm gonna try that, and you tell me if you would like that in subsequent post or not.  Obviously I tend to do series, so I don't know if thats gonna work..

    I know Bianca always works, I mean look at that she's the truly embodiment of Latex Fetish

    Josh was having some fun with his friend Monique when he found about an 80’s disco ad on the Internet. Monique wasn’t so sure about the ad, it was like some potential porn ad, more than anything else, but Josh was already hooked on it. He was a sucker for Disco dancing. But Monique liked that part of him, even when he made a fool of himself in front of her at the prom. It was then that she decided that they should start dating even though Josh couldn’t really tell that they were.

    Looking at more information about the new disco, Monique noticed a really sultry woman dressed in a latex uniform, and felt an instant mental orgasm. Did that woman look back at her? That was rather silly; it was just an image... right? In a sudden outburst, Monique groped Josh’s chest. Dazed by her touch, Josh just froze.

    -“Josh I think we really need to visit that place”-

    “But you said it was silly”-

    -“Nah,  I think it will be fun! C’mon, I’ll do whatever you want if you go with me. It’s a date you silly!”-

    -”but, but ummm...“-

    Josh wasn’t really a smooth talker but his curiosity was piqued so he agreed to join her.

    Like a dream there she was, that stunning woman clad in the same latex uniform smiling at the two of them. Josh couldn’t help becoming aroused by her scent.

    -“Hey there gorgeous, welcome to Disco Peril, I know, I know, it’s a funny name but we are working on that *giggle* Say little boy, why don’t you hang  around the bar while I show your delicious girlfriend something really spectacular. We help our visitors live out their greatest fantasies, and I can see that your girl is keeping a really naughty, naughty secret *giggle* No, just teasing! Enjoy yourself!”-

    Suddenly it was like Josh was on autopilot; following the tantalizing music he did as the woman suggested and went to the bar. There another woman in a similar latex uniform, held his cheeks for a moment and then with a wry smile told him what he’d be having to drink.

    -“Hey ho! Little one, have you noticed your boyfriend’s bulge? Gosh you are a 100% wicked lady *giggle* I know a way to make you a super stunning woman like me. I also know that you have been staring at my boobs and wondering what they feel like. So take a photo it will last forever! *giggle*”-

    The woman kept whispering naughty things in Monique’s ear. Each thought aroused her even more.

    -“Say girl, don’t you want to be just like me, to make that little boy crave your touch, to beg for you like every step of yours was worth a 1 million dollars, every move you made on him would be like heaven or hell or both! I know the truth, girl. You don’t even need to tell me your name, you are so Monique, but we can make you more, we can make you Moanique *giggle* no just joking, but we can make you a seductress, a temptress, a mistress, a goddess. We will call you Temptra!”-

    Monique’s eyes were following every bounce of the woman’s boobs like as they were two pendulums, and tried to… no, started to imitate every movement she made. She was already half undressed and touching her breasts without even noticing.

    -“Moan for me Temptra, we can call you bitch and run but instead we are going to call you goddess. You know you want to be a bad, bad girl. You just need to offer us your boy there and then we will fulfill your wildest dreams! Just look at him drinking and staring at another woman’s boobies, doesn’t that make you mad? *giggle* Just place your hand on this ball and we will make you the most baddass bitch ever known! Oh, your boyfriend will be too, but you want to be in control of things, so accept my offer now. Otherwise, you will both be controlled *giggle*”-

    Hours later, Temptra was holding her little bitch who was ready to be serviced. She couldn’t deny, after all, that she was happy about the choice she made. She didn’t know why, but she started to like Joshie much better this way, and Joshie was now more “receptive” to her attention. The little bitch was moaning and trembling at first. Then after some convincing she was ready to be the most luscious bitch in heat ever known. She also signed some papers agreeing to be the main attraction for VIPs who came to the disco. Although she knew they would most likely be “Joshie” types.

    -“See Joshie, I knew we would have so much fun here, moan for me slut, crave my touch, and most importantly, await my “surprise”.  I think I’m going to be able to control that little thing better than you ever could, so boring, but mine is always so hard, so black and plastic too. It can also be so slick and moist from your damp pussy, but only if you are good... I mean.. my bad girl. Are we clear?”-

    Joshie could only nod and wait for whatever her mistress had in mind for her. She was just too dazed after drinking so much. It was like a dream for her. Next time, she wouldn’t drink so much.


    Anyway, I'm about to finish a long story I started to wrote a long time ago - I mean it - and probably will post if I have the time in the following days. I started - finally - a training course, which will led me to business practices first and If I'm luck I'll get a job - yeah, its kind of a dream talking about it - And all that while I study like mad 9 hours a day to be able to study what I have for university in September. How awesome is that?! More or less its becoming one of the reasons I'm having so little time, but at the same time put me in a roller coaster

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    Howdy people, at this late - in Spain - though vacation time, I finally finished a caption request that I started a year back. That's right. A year back. The problem here is that I was fiddling with a story that was previously created and I tried to be careful to let this be a spin-off or an alternate universe of that story but playing with the same elements. Well that and having no time, not knowing how to advance the story, or just plain laziness. That's me at work probably!

    More after the jump

    The first problem here is that as I said I was dealing with a story that is not mine, but mine at the same time. I stablished some stuff you won't find in the original story, characters, situations or elements...

    The second problem was technical, I had to re-arrange the whole caption series to match the new style and that required starting everything over. Which took took me months. Again no time!

    Third the never-ending language barrier. I changed the text many times because I thought it was flat, and believe me the final text is all worth it.

    And fourth the interactivity I added is like in a game or a movie. Lot of stuff happening at the same time. And that's difficult to write. By the way this is based in a RAGS Game if you hadn't notice by now.

    So Please, ENJOY IT!

    Forgot to mention that there is one last more post before the capalooza "coming soon™" (Playdom players will get the reference) And also I have to say the next post may take sometime as well, it's going to be a special one - you know every post around here has a special meaning hehe - but it's going to be extra special I assure you that. From there I'll call it in the slow-down road and come to a stop. But don't worry, maybe in a few months or worst case scenario one year or "I don't know when" I'll come around back at full strenght.


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  • 08/27/13--11:38: A recurrent dream (Story)
  • Howdy people, while today I'm overjoyed because I have finalized my training course - part of it, now comes the business practices - I decided to write a little story I wanted to write for so long. I also decided to make a full story and not a caption story, because I think with the ouh so many details I wanted to include there would be no space there without making it long - and it's long - For easy understanding I also included images to see if its gonna be liked or not. Also if you think there needs to be some proofreading say so and whats more if you also include the proofreaded story I'll be more than grateful!

    First this story is written in the second person and also its an effort on bringing personal enjoyment for the one who reads it - and like it -while taking a chance at imagining this could be real (Of course not!)

    This also a commendable effort in my part on portraying a dream I had during the past, with obvious roleplaying added elements that were not in the dream of course, to make it into a full story, but also being able to structure it. I know its weird, but then again I'm weird, so if you enjoy corruption, transformation (You don't?), dreams, submission, domination, and whatever wicked people like me think! Go ahead and read it! For easier reading the parts in red are the voices talking and the rest is the story.


    Welcome to the halls of dreams - a hallowed voice coming from heavens above says to you - Let me be your guide in this god forsaken place and pay attention to every whim the creatures of that inhabit this place may impose on you. Question even the tiniest aspect of this land and perhaps you shall come out safe and sound from hereA map is shown to you with indications of some places you should avoid. Warning signs spread all over the map that shows the possibilities of a certain death or worse.

    No matter what, you make note of it and promises the voice to not approach those places. Then so the voice proceeds to gift you with a special coat which ends bound to your body – Perhaps this will aid in my quest?– You wonder about it, but which is this quest that you are starting to think about. To wander the realms or find an escape to this dangerous world, such questionings stick to your head for a while till you encounter the most breathtaking place you have ever had the opportunity to witness.

    You make a mental note out of it and remember this was one of the places that you should be avoiding but then… - Fear it not wanderer for you shall have arrived to a point where your true destiny shall be revealed!– A booming voice says to you, but this time sounds different from the previous. More commanding and authoritarian, that you start to think you will not be able to turn its demands down. – Shall I prevail if I disobey the previous voice? Shall I prevail if I obey to you? Answer me, voice from the deep halls of my imagination taking form into a half sunk cathedral in front of me.– With the best of your tones, trying to sound firm makes this query to the empty air, but fail to impress the nothingness of this empty place and no one redeems your cause by answering to your tribulations. Only an empty echo coming from the scenery cares to call you back with your own questions. The strong winds carry your voice through the long halls, and penetrate the building to form a powerful tone which sounds different to you. – Thou shall not question the will of a god, nor a goddess you can’t betray when the answer is already forged in your heart– A soft tone whistle carry this notice to you and the mountain crumbles with your indecision –


    Not knowing how you make your approach to the front sunken door and hesitate to even take a sight of it, but something is telling you to cross the border, besides the mountain obliges you to find shelter from its heinous tone. 
    WAN-DER-ER CO-ME IN-SI-DE OR I SHALL CRUSH YOUR BO-NES– Not taking chances you make your way inside and suddenly the bond that made you felt safe with the previous presence breaks. Your coat disintegrates and you find yourself naked to the empty halls, in your imagination you start to hear soft giggles coming from every corner, but you cannot take notice from where they come from. It’s like this place is telling you where you should go as doors crumbles walls too and stairs suddenly breaks down onto the floor and this cracks, you find yourself like lost in a maze with no possibility of coming back and obliged to wander the place the way it likes it.

    Once again perhaps is your imagination playing tricks on you but you come to a wide hall where people are standing still perhaps waiting for someone to rescue them, prisoners of this evil place, on a closer look they are no more but statues. – What sorcery is this?– You exclaim to the empty hall, waiting for an answer you know that shall not be responded back – Voice from the sky, where are thou? Shall you not come into my aid as promised? Shall I endure in penance the mistakes you warned my about? Weren’t you supposed to be protecting me from my own foolishness?– Nothing. Not a redeeming sound of comfort, not a single change or notice you are being heard. Nothing except the glow of a gauntlet you start to notice in the middle of the hall engraved to the stone.

    This silver gauntlet looks sturdy and new. It could be the fabled treasure of one of the inhabitants of this place, the stone cold habitants of course. Taking a closer look at it and not wanting to disturb the eerie aura around him you poke the stone and find it hard to grasp. It seems this stone is unlikely to be a stone but perhaps something more, because it’s soft to the touch and bland. As you are taking note of every aspect of this gauntlet, your hand gets stuck to the stone and you try to pry to set it free, but this render useless your cause. There is nothing you can do about it as you watch in horror and imagine this could be the very thing that turned everyone into a stone figure. 
    Fear it not valiant wanderer, for you shall not come across the same destiny as them. No you are more important than you think and you shall be spared if your intentions stay true to your actions, battle not and let the magic this gauntlet irradiates take a hold of your hand. Make this sacrifice and you shall break free from the spell that bounds you to the hollow stone.– As you take notice of the booming voice coming back at you, the same that ordered you to approach this place, you discover that the stone is indeed hollow. It’s not even full. The gauntlet itself is floating through a purple mist to your imprisoned hand. You stop fighting and your hand comes out with the gauntlet attached to your hand.

    Now what comes next is that of a fairy tale, the gauntlet is no longer silver, nor is your hands the same. Touching your previously bound hand with the other makes a black goo run to it turning your ungloved hand into an exact copy. The black goo coming from the gauntlet are running now through your elbow and to your fingers, making your nails turn blue and your hands more femme like. The black goo turns the gauntlet into a suede material. 
    A thought cross your mind telling you that is indeed arousing to you, but you try to fight this sentiment perils and rewards beyond your imaginations, what’s apparently a peril will turn into a reward and what seems like a reward could turn into a trap. Heed my word and follow my command, should you do as I say, no harm will be done to you. Fail to do so and the wrath of this place will haunt you down. Ask for my protection now and I’ll show how to tame your newly acquired gloves.– The voice commanding at times, caring in the middle and demanding but caring again in the end, invites you to follow its whims. And now this time, this voice sounded more femme but you couldn’t grasp at it. The wind coming across the hall makes it difficult for you to analyze it better. For what’s it important to you, you start to acknowledge the voice as feminine.

    By this very thought the gloves seems to find your thoughts pleasant and more goo sprays onto your body. A fragment explodes in your naked body but the gloves seem unscathed. Now a fine long black knitted shawl surrounds your chest and you no longer feel the previous cold from being naked. – Acceptance will render in gifts to your body! Overcome your fear and show your true self my precious wanderer.– The booming voice comes back at you to comfort your previous worries. As the shawl accommodates in your body you notice further changes on it. Of your flat chest originates two large breasts and the goo takes notice of it and cringes and molds into your breasts areolas, turning into an X symbol over them. Touching them seems like stamps to you, but also a part of your own breasts. Now the shawl cringes too and attaches itself to your waist but also expands to your neck and to your nether region.

    You couldn’t overcome the need to touch yourself down there and then the worst came to you, your member disappears and in its place you now have girly bits there. By touching yourself again your hands have changed and also your glove turning itself into the same leather material from your shawl-corset. But not only had that happened, your body also overcomes serious changes and while you were distracted by your boobs, your head changed. Your hair turned out longer and your lips became fuller. Shadowy eyelashes and soft mascara were part of your face too. – Oh my! What happened to me?– You said in an imperious voice – In a reflex movement you didn’t notice your hand reached to your legs too and they also ended transforming. 

    The goo couldn’t stop at your upper part so down there it goes and molds into your feet. A stomping pair of boots form around it and you can notice the soft fabric once again attaching itself to your very own skin. However you are the one making the changes this time and think of belts running across your boots. You don’t know where this thought came from, but you start to take a liking to it. – Ah so I see my subject and vessel is ready to depart from this place. Come now my precious, up to the heavens where everything you ever wanted awaits you. Wait to witness the reborn of your flesh and accept the changes that you shall endure once again. You neither are far from complete nor even at the peak of perfection, half from that I would say. - Without a further note on it, your body is surrounded by a purple mist just like the one you saw at the beginning of your transformation. Blinded by its beauty you are forced to close your eyes and a sudden need to sleep makes you go to slumber. When you open your eyes, you are no longer in the empty hall but in front of a floating garden. By now you wouldn’t believe what you are seeing right now, but the previous events tell you that anything is possible in this realm.  

    It’s nighttime but everything in this world makes no sense that time itself is advancing. So that’s unimportant to you. – Heed my call wanderer, what have you done? What did I told you first when I asked you to avoid at any cost this place? What’s inside your mind that I cannot see and touch? What shall be of you now that you decided to bond yourself with this world?– Queries and more queries strike to your head and even in your semi wake state you can remember that voice. It was the greeting voice, but no longer cheery like before. More sorrow and sadness paints its tone. And suddenly this voice comes from the halls of the floating garden. A woman wearing a white negligee advances to your position with empty eyes in her face. – Look at what you done. You have corrupted this world, you have corrupted me, no I’m forced to be here, and I have lost my rank amongst the deities. You surrendered to a demon, a half entity. Not even a full-fledged goddess of darkness, but I know why you have been brought here and I’ll try to warn you. Nevertheless I cannot do anything to stop you as your powerful condition reminds me of my place over you. I’m forced to kiss every step you do and be at your beck at call. You broke the bond between us, and this half entity decided to wreck it and twist it. You didn’t notice at first but she took my voice and corrupted it the more you approached the forbidden place. The truth is that we are separate entities and we are one as well. We are part of your conscience but I tried so hard to destroy her. I can see deep within you there was no desire to make this true. Inside there is one last step for you my… My mistress, to make yourself complete. Even now I’m trying to stop you but your thoughts are numbing me more than you will understand. It’s not you, it’s someone else at play, but you are her vessel and at the same time you are the want who want to do this. Please my mistress, stop now and I shall reward you with a life of submission and domination for you and this realm. You could be queen and that’s what going to happen. But you could be a goddess and that is what I want to happen. If you listen to me now this shall be truth. You aren’t lost yet, but I cannot do anything about the corruption your body has undergone. – You are perfectly clear of what you want and kneel beside her only to make her stand above with you and grab her neck. From this movement a black rubber choke collar forms around her neck, from your hands into it white and black goo spread around her neck to make it be in a fixed position. Without an option to look away now, a sprinkle of the collar turns into a locked leash aperture and from it a purple leash comes out into your hand. From this bond, your thoughts become her thoughts and her as well yours.

    Tickling her collar you make her advance in front of you opening the door into the revered place. And in the middle of the stance, an engraved crown awaits you. By now you can notice the fear in her eyes, she obviously didn’t want anyone to enter this place but those thoughts are quickly replaced with dirty and pleasurable thoughts by your command into her mind. 

    Without further ado you place the fabled treasure over your head and you feel a tingling sensation all over your body. Everything around you changes, from head to toe your clothing changes into a black slick latex material and also coating your body permanently. You go further and imagine yourself with an appropriate makeup to your face as you know have deep control of your gloves power, but perhaps also the crown makes work of it. You are so basked in your corruption that you don’t notice the goo is playing tricks all over your body.

    The goo goes on and on and your body quickly finds itself surrounded and bound to latex. A strange prison imposed by your own dirty thoughts. The crown melts in your face and coats its making you stare into a deep darkness.  You gasp in terror and numb to the advances of the goo, you find yourself masturbating to it. Trying to reach into your “inner sanctum” the goo denies you this pleasure and form a big black dildo that fits into your hole. Your latex prison makes you moan through the fabric and the goo correspond this by heating the costume it imagined for you. You try to fix this unending pleasure and remembering the bond between your slave and you, you try a last attempt at freeing yourself. You make her touch you and place her beneath you. When you are sure of it, you start to touch her in every region possible. She starts to moan and embraces you to increase her pleasure, but this is what you wanted and without a second moment to lose, you imagine yourself as part of the clothing. Slowly but surely you coat her bare skin and advances into every part of her body. Little by little you find yourself in her skin and with every tiny advance you notice her mind bonding with yours. You are no longer the fabric; you are now a part of her. You are her completely and without doubt. 

    The goo recedes and becomes the clothing escaping your body from the inside to the outside and you start to feel like before again, only that you now control its movements. Finally you control the situation and when you are reaching the orgasm from the huge effort, you go to slumber again. Moments later you find yourself looking to a mirror and fully dressed in black latex with some improvements to your previous outfit. This outfit is not stuck in your flesh and you can notice that you are truly a woman now. There is no more magic at work and you can see your reflection looking back at you with a wicked smile. Whatever happened today or yesterday or during weeks, you are now a woman. You are not sure how much has passed since you went to sleep and found yourself in that mysterious world, but you don’t care. Hard to say why this television you are sitting on doesn’t work either. You remember watching a movie before going to sleep but nothing else.

    Perhaps one day you will remember, but it’s unlikely this will change the situation you are in now. Not like you care about it. What you do care now is the sudden need to trap more people in that fantasy world or make one of your own. You want to rule it all. You don’t care at what cost but right now what you really want is to have someone kneeling in front of you or maybe kneeling yourself in front of somebody else. – Weird why did I thought of the last in the first place?

    The End?

    Hopes you liked it if you reached it this far, and if you want me to make more stories like this I'll think of it in the future. Remember that the next post will take sometime yet and it will epic! - Every post is epic, you didn't notice that by now? *giggle* -

    I'm also thinking of making an e-mail for fan queries, constructive criticism, loving and sharing guest captions. And of course none of what reaches there shall be posted if you don't want. This is just for those that are shy enough to not post a comment but that want to express themselves in anyway. If this idea is liked I'll create a fan e-mail in a couple of days. Note that any hating, flaming, RL queries not related to TG and this world of captioning shall be turned down. It can also work for questions on writing stories, or creating captions or whatever your mind is up to. I'm good with that.

    Update: The Fan Mail is done now, you can start to send me whatever applies to the rules depicted there, any other thing while be ignored!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, I know I would like to give an explanation of why this won't be the galore, but you know. RL stuff gets in the way, GETS really HARD in the way and one cannot deal with it in any other manner. I have yet to sort of the captions I've made for the Haven - some needs rewriting, now that we are at it - I had to do lots of captions promised more than a year ago. But then came depression, not when I said I would have an on hold situation here and in the Haven, later after in fact. And this happen when you are promised to have a job, you actually work for real - I won't say for which company, but it's a big one in my country - for a month no less, disguised as business practices. During that time you are expected to learn from the people there and not make a single thing for the company. On the contrary it happened. So while I was doing actual work, I expected to get the job. 10 out of 10 in every test, working faster than the entire block I was in, sure was getting my hopes up, but no. I worked for FREE. 

    I felt like used and abused, unable to have a say, there the depression but also adding to having to study during the summer for uni and coping with it. Have to say too that it hindered my efforts with my studies and I failed two subjects and "a half" (had five exams and some more works to do) I know it happened and someone would think: Get over it!. I did, then not. I thought I did. but this depression washed me deep inside me. I have to say playing videogames (they are getting dull in my opinion), reading, trying to put your mind in other stuff or watching movies doesn't and didn't added to help me. But today I said: Screw it over.

    Probably it won't be true, but I want it to be a start. So after that long explanation, here's two caps. One for my B-day, which was by now yesterday and one random cap to "dust the rust" - It makes sense to me, don't ask! - So here's me getting to the play. I must say I don't feel like the overall community wasn't affected without me. Some great captioneers are still kicking. And talking about captioners:

    Check this one:

    I dunno if it serves for Dee's deal with new captioneers, but here's my effort of trying to show new stuff for people

    I already saw that peeps want to read about quick caps and the process behind it. I know about it don't worry, but it won't be till next year. I'll get to it!

    This one came as a funny quickie because of the absence of Alectra for months, Raffside plots for control .Enjoy the results..

    And I hope you had the time to check from time to time on the miniblogs! Here's hoping for more awesome stuff coming to you soon.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hey dolls and gals, and in betweens, it's me Alectra again! First I'm sure that if someone is following my tumblr-blog is more or less aware of why I didn't post at all during this whole hiatus of mine if not well. 

    Beware the lenghty post ahead, if you are not interested skip to the end for the juicy stuff!

    This short note I posted long ago summarizes it well: 

     -"It seems the problems with my hands relates only for when I’m trying to write.. (AKA Holding a pen, pencil, whatever that lets me write in paper, not computer) Still need to have more visits to hospital to see if there’s something more producing this ailment :( And why this? While I can perfectly write for a reasonable amount of time in the computer, without feeling any pain, it could very well get worse - as stated by my doctor - and extend to other flex actions in my hands. Currently open hand writing in keyboard doesn’t render any pain, but lets hope not in the future.. And yet I’m the “proud” owner of this - finally diagnosed on me - ailment: Writer’s cramp"- 

     Yeah, I've been like this

    But I Know your pervy mind is making out something like this

    While it was more of a self-imposed - by my doctor - mind bondage struggle

    But it wasn't you pervs! It was - still is - the most painful experience you can endure, more it so when what you like it was you cannot do. I still have some random pain going on, still waiting for a sort of solution - Which I already have been informed it doesn't exist, and it will go worse and worse, but it can be treated to minimize the effects - 

    So why I have decided to write again? Well it's because I want to, and because as I already said, I don't feel as much pain as the last year which was horrible. Almost every week a random jolt would cross my hands and I had to stop whatever I was doing with my hands and wait, even taking some pills sometimes. That pain is long gone, probably due to accumulated stress and the situation all together,

    That said, I have been wanting to return to the scene and If I have to start from scratch so be it! Hopefully for me, I have been doing a training course in Photoshop last year so I can bring something new to the scene. But with I already said, it will be hihgly unlikely that I will be bringing long - I mean long like before - caption stories. I just cannot devote myself to a five-ten days of writing because yes, I have to refrain of using my hands like before. I can write short stories from time to time that I could do. The problem is that I usually write it on paper and then translate it to english. I should have to change that, and write it more on computer to not make the situation worse.

    And after this long ass explanation - Sorry bout' that - I will present a "new" caption for today:

    I may go with this style of presenation for each cap it's liked...

    Also wanted to say that I'll soon™ change the Banner, and maybe introduce more of them. I'm not sure on that, but this banner will change thats for sure.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hey fellow gals! I'm here once again to bring you some sexy ideas, don't worry. I'm currently appointed for another visit to the doctor - and I had one some weeks ago, hence the stop of the blog as I currently explained. 

    I by no means pretend to make long excuses, its just what I can do right now.

    Instead of working on captions, I have been trying to make it worth your while and remake the "little" project I had a long time ago with RAGS. Now this project of mine turned out to be too much time consuming for what I plan to create and since TWINE is the little hot piece of software used by everyone I just tried to use it. It's simpler than RAGS and it works - too much to my surprise here - much better for my storytelling technique.

    Currently the original plan is still at work, but since I can write and code at the same time I'm making some loose ends along the way - which will surely end in bad ends - and having fun mostly. The story is also written from the first person so it involves you - the reader - directly. I find it more compelling after writing the passages for a random character. Let it be you the character, since it's interactive *giggle*

    I'll try to photomanip some images - the game has them don't worry - and make it more personal. Not just your average random story, which is a quick read and you are good to go. It's ambitious but I'm pretty sure I'll make something out of it. Besides you can "crank" a few pages in less time than RAGS allow it. And in top of that everyone can try it for themselves. I think it will be my next step in storytelling more than captions. Captions are a must in this blog so it doesn't mean those will dissapear. 

    Sorry about the rambling of today!

    You'll love this mansion!
    The current link is a work in progress. So test the game at your own risk. The final project may or may not resemble what you are about to download. Typos, errors, or suggestions are well received.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hey gals, how are you doing?

    I hope you are not having a terrible summer like me, we've reached the boiling point over here. Too many days of heat waves and the Haze. Really terrible days where I have been unable to do anything but breath slowly and sleep *giggle*We have reached temperatures of 38ºC during the day and 30º at nights, impossible to sleep I tell you.


    Jump at your own risk!

    Well after this informative resume of the temperature in Spain, let's go to the important.

    The new:

    I have updated the game I've been working on for quite awhile:

    Here you can check out the link or you can always click on the page created for that, whathever floats your boat.

    The Mansion of Lust


    - 3 Endings

    - Advanced and fleshed out the traps in the plot, because of it, you will have sometimes a hard time to know if you are following the true path or running into a trap I'm just that devious *giggle*

    - Changed some photos and I have re-written some parts here and there.

    - Left some earlier paths for suggestions in the future.

    The old:

    Sexy caption is sexy caption so here's to you if you don't follow my tumblr

    The Gynarchy Wants you!

    And something borrowed - Not exactly but still :P -

    Following sexy Evie's challenge, I created this sort cap, just for fun!

    In other news to end this DIY post, my doctor said there is unfortunately no solution to the problem to my hands. The treatment would be worse to the desired effects and that I would have just to endure it, and that's that. So since I have no solution at the moment, I'll resume my activities, although less sporadic than before, still not as much like the beginning.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hoy tenía ganas de escribir algo, pero no quería pasarme la tarde corrigiendo errores. Si esto está bien escrito, si es la frase correcta en inglés (Sorry english users, love you, but not enough when there is procrastination around!) Se que esta mal que yo lo diga, pero me resisto a ponerme un pronombre él/ella cuando es muy sencillo en inglés con un the para sustituir a he/she no lo es tanto en español. Así que seguiremos en el género neutro hasta que a la RAE se le ocurra un término que podamos usar. Me siento raro/a usando el género masculino/femenino para una entrada donde estoy creando a un personaje de nuevo, que no soy yo, sino un ente de mi imaginación. Lo he dicho muchas veces a mí me gusta ser quien soy, yo hago un juego de todo esto, aunque para otros sea real, y apoyo al LGTB y todo lo que queráis, pero para mí no cambia nada... Qué os corto el rollo, no os preocupéis que me emociono xD

    Mas después del salto

    A lo que voy, se también que esta mal para mis adorados fans (?) y lo digo así porque hace mucho que no escribo algo, pero bueno, al menos un dejo un preview de lo que esta por venir en el juego de TWINE que estoy creando. Al menos la intro

    ¿Esta chula eh? :D

    Bueno a lo que vamos. Tenía ganas de escribir una historia - deja vu is that you? - y os la voy a dar, porque tenía ganas de escribir - anda mira un chiste - Perdón por el retraso

    Y no tengo historia, nada, cero, nope, sorry, try next time... ¡Qué no! Qué es broma, que solo estaba tratando de decir que... Me enrollo como las persianas xD

    Ahora sí; (Decir que no tiene título porque en español me suena ultra-ridículo "El Ataque de la reina simbionte" por The Attack of the Symbiote Queen, suena a peli mala que no irías a ver ni de regalo, a qué lo habéis notado)

    Otra cosa los inicios de decir: es  medianoche, es por la mañana, cae la noche, de madrugada para introducir una situación es redundante y queda feo en español. En inglés quedas bien: It's midgnight, Morning, the sun is falling, Early morning,.. Qué si, que ya paro, qué no os cuento la historia. Skip a toda esta parte sino te interesa gracias. (?)


    En ocasiones los amigos no tienen por qué decirse nada, pues al mirarse se lo dicen todo el uno del otro. Tal es así la amistad de Clara y Erik, ella de España alumna de último grado de bioingeniería  y él alumno de intercambio de un programa especial de Inglaterra, se conocieron casi por casualidad en la Universidad durante ese último año, llegando a entablar algo más que una amistad y desde entonces Erik decidió venirse a vivir a España con Clara. Llevan 10 años juntos y era hora de dar el gran paso. 

    -"Erik, mira esto, es increíble lo que llega a hacer la gente por dinero. ¿No te parece que es un poco fuerte? Tu qué crees, ¿Tu lo harías?"-

    Clara estaba mirando una página no apta para corazones débiles y cuando Erik entro en la habitación se quedó mirando al infinito, luego a Clara y luego a la página sin saber que decir. Estaba visitando lo que parecía ser un sitio de pornografía erótica con tintes muy raros de experimentos científicos. Lo nunca visto. La gente decididamente tiene hobbies muy raros en Internet. Pensó Erik para sí. Pero claro es Internet después de todo. Desde la caída de 4chan y la entrada del misterioso portal - solo con invitación - Greoma4, estaban pasando cosas muy raras en la red. había sucesos de gente desaparecida vinculadas a esa red, pero el Gobierno siempre lo negaba, y las investigaciones se cerraban de inmediato. Lo que es peor, reporteros y periodistas que trataban el tema no se volvía a saber de ellos. Lo llamaban el Incidente. Tenía hasta su propio espacio televisivo. Y por si fuera poco, hasta un reality-show que trataba de averiguar quién sería el siguiente en desaparecer. La realidad daba paso a la peor de las ficciones, mientras el hombre trataba de dar paso a su primer viaje espacial tripulado a otro planeta. Algo paso entre 2024 y 2036 para que la gente se volviera tan rara. Rara en el sentido de que no era normal que la Justicia se convirtiera en algo a expensas de ratings televisivos como dicho reality-show. Clara estaba investigando sobre el tema, y hasta ahora yo le había implorado que parara, pero no hacía caso, y creo que cada vez estaba más motivada. Empezó a cambiar de gustos, y hasta pienso que se volvió algo autoritaria. Pero claro, todo eso tenía que estar en mi cabeza...

    -"¿Vienes o no vienes Erik?"- Un deje de impaciencia en su tono devolvió a Erik a la realidad. -"Claro Clara, pero perdón que te lo repita una y otra vez, podrías no visitar ese tipo de contenido creo que.." Erik vio el link de Greoma4 en la pantalla de ordenador y abrió la boca de par en par. -"Lo sé cariño, sé que ibas a alucinar, pero no menos cuando veas lo que se le entrega a los invitados a la página. Este sitio es la leche, tiene de todo. Desde las más oscuras perversiones - poniendo una mueca malévola - hasta los experimentos más raros. Ha llegado un paquete para nosotros. Ponía *ehmmm* Abrir para cuando estéis juntos" Erik no se lo podía creer... -"Espera Clara ¿Les has hablado de mí, de nuestra vida, de nuestra relación? ¿Cuan...?" Erik cae al suelo derrotado sin explicación, y con la mirada en blanco. 

    Acercándose a Erik clara exclama -"Bufff cuando te pones moñas no hay quien te pare, menos mal que ha hecho efecto el perfume que venía con el paquete por si te ponías quejica. Tengo que decir que no esperaba que fuera tan potente. Menuda niña estas hecha. A veces me pareces más una mujer que un hombre - Otra vez con una sonrisa malévola - Veamos.. Aquí dice que puedo hacer lo que a mí se ocurra con el contenido del paquete. Vaya, y ¿Qué tal si te convertimos en una preciosa mujer Erik? Eso te gustaría ¿Verdad? O quizá quieras estar más cerca de mí, no sé, un accesorio tal vez. Siempre has dicho que te gustaría vivir en la entrepierna. Bueno.. ¡Con esto puedes! Clara, Clara, Clara, deja de decir tonterías, cualquiera que te oiga pensara que estás loca." Asume para sí, muy excitada por los pensamientos oscuros que le han recorrido la mente. Acercándose al paquete, no puede contener la emoción y da un respingo, muy tonta, piensa ella, no es momento de flaquear ahora. Abre el contenido y se encuentra con un extraño líquido que no deja de burbujear. 

    -"Oh vaya, ¿Esto es todo?, - cogiendo el frasco entre sus dedos - pensaba que sería algo no sé, como un control remoto, o como aquella historia de un programa de ordenador que te permitía cambiar la realidad. Esto no se ni lo que es. ¡Bah!, lo dejare por ahí, me voy de compras. Espero que Erik no me eché en falta. Quiero que vea a su reina en todo su esplendor con ese conjunto de encaje muy mono que he visto en Greoma4. Aunque el maldito seguro que me pide que se lo ponga a él - entre carcajadas, Clara no ve que el líquido negro empieza a rezumar del frasco tratando de salir - Adiós cariño, ponte cómodo ahí en el suelo, no me esperes hasta muy tarde, la nena se va de compras. ¡Chao!" - Con un suave quiebro, la puerta se cierra detrás de Clara, mientras ella deja inerme  a un Erik completamente KO, a expensas de un peligro que será incapaz de afrontar. El frasco se acaba de romper, y el líquido en su interior repta lentamente hacía su cuerpo...

    Más tarde, Clara vuelve de sus compras, ciertamente ofuscada, por la imposibilidad de detener su excitación. -"Ah, no sé qué llevaba esa colonia, pero no volveré a ponérmela, creo que la dependienta ha estado a punto de echarse encima de mí - con una risa ahogada - y la verdad es que estaba buena, ¡Buuuuh! tengo que parar, o me voy a correr y mojare todo el pasillo justo en frente de mi casa, para Clara, párate que estás loca - otra risa ahogada - ¡Cariño ya estoy en casa! Si te cuento lo que me ha pasa... ¿Cariño? - Una mujer de facciones similares a Clara esta parada frente a ella, sin moverse, casi podría decirse que estaba esperándola - Estoooo... ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Dónde esta Erik, no serás uno de sus líos? pero yo creía, yo, yo - Clara es incapaz de moverse también y sollozando busca con la mirada a Erik - ¿Donde esta ERIK?"-

    Antes de que pueda realizar ningún gesto, la mujer se interpone en su camino y la atrapa entre sus brazos, forzando sus labios en los de Clara en un apretado beso, al que Clara es incapaz de resistirse, perdiendo fuerza por momentos. La mujer comienza a salivar en su boca, y Clara acaba tragándosela medio forzada medio sugestionada por ella. Un fuerte rubor recorre sus mejillas y Clara siente como sus rodillas empiezan a temblar. La mujer impasible en sus esfuerzos, no da tregua a Clara. Ella, comienza a arrodillarse y colocar su boca junto a los suaves labios cerca de su clítoris. Incapaz de controlarse, la mujer agarra su cabello y la obliga a continuar lo que había empezado...

    Clara siente que está perdiendo la batalla, y el poco raciocinio que le queda, pero la sensación es demasiado fuerte y ahora está atrapada por la mirada impasible de esta mujer, que no sabe quién es, y que no ha pronunciado una sola palabra desde que entro. Pero eso ya da igual. Da igual donde este Erik, da igual lo que esté pasando, ahora solo tiene un objetivo. Besar a esta mujer donde sea y donde ella diga. Ahora Clara no es más que un juguete sexual, dispuesto a cumplir cualquier fantasía que se le pueda ocurrir al simbionte que está controlando a Erik. A la entidad que ha tomado forma completa en su cuerpo, y que ahora reina con voluntad propia. Sin saberlo Clara absorbe un líquido que es segregado a través de sus labios. Lo que provoca que Clara se sienta mucho más alterada y con necesidad de seguir lamiendo ese néctar que el simbionte le está regalando. Pues eso es todo lo que queda en la cabeza de Clara. 

    Poco a poco, ella ya no puede pensar en otra cosa que lo que le obligue a hacer la entidad. Con cierta vacilación introduce sus dedos en su boca, los chupa y luego procede a insertarlos dentro de "la vagina del simbionte". Ella ya no puede parar, pero el simbionte permanece impasible a todos sus juegos sexuales. Por dentro Erik es incapaz de parar esta situación, pero sí que percibe todo lo que está ocurriendo, lo que le empuja a intentar tomar el control, pero él es solo un espectador que lentamente está siendo consumido por los pensamientos del simbionte. Pronto la entidad y él será un uno y entonces no habrá forma de realizar una regresión. Clara está pagando cara su curiosidad y la necesidad de enfrentarse a Erik y sus supuestos fetichismos se ha vuelto contra ella. Esclava de un deseo sexual irrefrenable, la mujer, a la que comienza a ver con devoción despega su cabeza de su región inferior, y levanta su cabeza con un dedo...

    Clara expectante sabe lo que tiene que hacer...

    -"¿Qué más puedo hacer por ti mi ama?"

    Con estas palabras Clara sella su destino para siempre, esclava de un simbionte que planea grandes cosas para ella y Erik...


    Espero que os haya gustado. La verdad es que para escribir la última parte, me ha llevado más de lo que creía. Repito. No creo que sea capaz de traducir esto XDDD Es demasiado largo, aunque para los que quieran ver más contenido del habitual, bueno digamos que cierta persona ha estado jugando un ratito en Tumblr.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.D: Con todo había errores de tildes y alguna otra cosilla, si es que no puede ser D:

    0 0

    Okay gals, setting up the blog and rehasing content, I heard that's quite the novel idea *giggle* Nevermind. It seems Windows 10 - which I have to say I have no big problems so far and that decided it would be cool to update itself in my old laptop, just because - doesn't work well with my version of Photoshop CS6 - there is flickering sometimes and gives me a headache - due to a last udpate, which you can no longer set for whenever you want. I really hope they change that one of these days at Microsoft, it's really annoying.

    Anyway, more after the jump

    I have prepared some ideas running around my head, I have some ideas to be developed, and I'm always up for new challenges and such. I'm pretty sure you must have seen Star Wars by now, or at least you are fan, or maybe not - I'm not sure why, but hey! - So we'll begin with some eyecandy:

    Help me Mistress, you're my only hope!
    Yep, I have been messing around trying to learn new tricks, new ways to improve the blog and my captions, and to bring new content in any way possible. People from The Collective may already have seen it, then again it wasn't on my blog. So all brand new!

    Next we have is Tumblr Stories for practice, amusement and easy access. I've done that in the past, but It wasn't that fleshed out, nor good enough, "ENGRISH" DO YOU SPEAK IT! Problems and such. I still have them - probably forever but meh! Here's to you one successful story:

                                       Here at the Edge of Darkness

    Of course is also a time to celebrate, I've come back to the Haven. The place were I was literally speaking born in the Caption-Verse. The place that have been always other home to play, and learn, and make friends and on and on.

    And Even so, more "new stuff" - From the Collective - which is hard to do, so I may not end up doing them much, but for shenanigans maybe.

    Pretty rad ey? :D

    And finally, not finally as the blog will shutdown and will implode and stuff. No. Don't worry. A preview of a story that has yet to move, it will move, not sure when, but someday... I have a general idea but the characters doesn't have a specific motivation, nor I have set the vehicle of the story to mix ancient Egypt with modern days.

    And, AND to end the year I have to say that is have been a pleasure to come back to capping and doing stories, having some time to do what I enjoy, which is writing and have that piece of heaven filled with corruption, which I know you all love - and me too! - I want to say thank you, for staying with me so far, even with the hiatus, the bad and good times. And now finally I want to change the header but have no general idea, nor a picture yet to fix it. Something that will reflect the changes this blog, my style, my artsy, writing and me have changed.

    Have a Happy New Year

    0 0


    Anyone there? :P

    I'm so sorry. I wanted to re-restart the blog. Alas I couldn't. Never plan ahead I guess *sigh* So summer came and it happened to be the worst summer ever. I couldn't do much with my comp and I couldn't do much about anything. I also happened to attend a training course and it filled my spare time quite nicely too...

    There is no excuse for this failure as my personal droid would be saying... Wait that's from SWTOR forget about that :P

    What to do?, what to do?. Really I should start making a list or something. I'm attending once again University. Yay me!. Also business practices, once again, but this time I hope this render a job!. Less spare time, but not as before. I have much free time ahead, and I'll try. TRY. DO IT! Making stuff over here again.  

    Well of course, no excuse would happen to be enough. You guys and gal from Rachel Haven surely miss me. I tried to do stuff over there last year, but. Don't plan ahead *sigh* There is no way I could have known I would be so stuffed with RL. I hope this time I can restart this place.

    There's much to do!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals,

    It's not that usual that I go and talk about real life problems over here...

    The thing Is I have something planned for the following months, but I'm stuck with what happened this week... My father went to hospital to get his arm checked, because of a problem that happened this past summer, and what we couldn't think of, happened . I don't know how to explain it because it seems very unreal...

    He had a tumor growing, over the years, without being noticed by anyone. Last summer he got hit by a car, and his arm "started to grow" because the muscle got out of his place. We... We thought it was because of this hit that his arm was growing, like a balloon, but in fact it was the tumor showing up. Fortunately there weren't any complications during the operation so it's all good. But, just thinking what would have had happened it we didn't find about it in time *shivers*

    Anyway, I don't want to end with a bad note, so I'll post a caption I've done a few weeks ago for a group I'm currently following with a couple of friends. More information in a following post...

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, 

    This is the caption I was talking about in this "post" If you have the time or care, read it, if not well here's some funny entertainment for you.

    Let's end with a high note this too... If you would like to join the Gynarchy, sort of love latex, corruption, mind control, and stuff.. - I know why you are here! - Check this place out:

    I also got a request to translate a caption I've done in the past to english. Working on that...

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Howdy gals, 

    Today I don't have much time - if any - so I'll write a nice story over here, instead of the usual go captions because reasons.

    More after the jump

    So 28 years, already, whoa, what it feels to be growing older by the day, changing a little by the minute, dying a bit by the second. Feeling none the wiser but reckless even, growing bolder, becoming more cunning and just learning to survive in the big ol' city. A pessimistic introduction, but Paul hadn't it all handed to him. He had to work for it. He couldn't stop one hour to think about, and weeks started to get pass behind him.

    Faster than ever time was growing faster, months catching up. Death could be around the corner, but nonetheless life has to be lived, otherwise you'll become a husk. A memory of your own sorrow. 28 years of hiding things to his family, to his friends, and to himself. It was time to come out and show the world who he was. There would be no more excuses, no more hiding in a closet what he wanted to express. No more excuses, no more buts, no more emtpy thoughts. Just become what he wanted to be. What she wanted him to be. Such an important part of himself hiding, but in the open. Tearing up his mind, controlling him. 

    Telling him what to do, what to say, how to say it. She appeared one day, out of the blue, as a figment of his imagination. It was dangerous to let her take control, but it was fun, it was nice, it was right. He felt himself doing the right thing. Not a care in the world, nothing to worry about. It was intoxicating, he was losing himself. And then from that other figment of thought came the other.

    A carefree girl, not very bright, but mannipulative on her own. Always getting what she wanted. Making ditzy comments, pouring frisky thoughts and riding on the back, sometimes on the front. She didn't care, she just did it for the fun of getting the other half pissed. It was her little game, but she enjoyed it. She fought for control one day and then they couldn't stop.

    And there I was in the backseat, watching the battle of wills, an unending battle of corrupted thoughts and nice intentions but with evil sugarcoated thoughts. It felt strange and then it felt right

    Sometimes the domme, sometimes the sub, sometimes me, and then not me but her. Crossing our paths, and she was getting more and more control. She was expressing herself through my actions. We were synched, we were one and the same. She complained, she moaned, ouh did she moaned but the other bitched about it.

    Soon enough the closet was getting bigger and bigger full pretty dresses, coated with corruption, with evil wicked thoughts, pushing him to be more adventurous. She didn't want to be sometimes her, sometimes me, sometimes the other. She wanted to be her, to be me, and be herself.

    And then one day, he looked at the mirror and he didn't find one place of him on the surface. There she was, with her racy eyes, her glossy lips and slutty mascara. A violet pink hair to complete her face. A mix of the two and none of him.

    Following to the bathroom, full disrobed none of him but plenty of her. Long svelte legs, feminine curves and hourglass figure. Manicured hands and dainty fingers. A pretty fragile figure of a really powerful woman. A corny smile on her lips and a seductive tone on her voice. Enthralling eyes and glamorous tone. A giggle there and a giggle here and all would fall for her.

    A full armchair dresser to be what she wanted to be. Striking a pose, rocking her outfit. And there she was and I was none. Soon enough a figment of her imagination. In bondage. Tormented, but allowed to feel, allowed to see, and allowed to be. But not to speak or think. Her thoughts were mine, and none of me was her, but I was all her. And I felt happy.

    She was born into the world.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra