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  • 04/09/12--11:50: Pizzicato for Strings
  • Hey gals, how are you doing?

    Today I bring you a cap, that I was experimenting with, so you tell me at the end which one you like :)

    Recently I downloaded a pack of fonts, to make it more visually appealing the reading, and talking about that... I think I would love someone who would endure my writings, to proofread them... I know maybe it just much too ask, but anyway I try to make for a better reading with each one!.

    Here I present you the original cap:

    So well the usual from me in a non-creative day, apart from the new fonts. Which I'm still experimenting nothing new.

    And then while listening to this kind of old music. I mean the pizzicato for strings, It's a thing you won't hear over modern music (unless you go for jazz or electronic music that's it!). Its a technique that consist of plucking the strings from a string instrument. Little by little making squeaking sounds or that depends of the tempo and it produces a timbre that is called inharmonicity because the sound doesn't belong to harmonic series and after the string is bowed it returns quickly to the harmonic ratio. Producing a marvelous sound. It's a cool technique that you won't hear it unless you are listening to Johann Strauss or Bach or the above said :)

    To the topic. When I found that well, the woman is playing the instrument, she is also talking about using that instrument to enthrall someone... so maybe the violin should appear it behind. 

    And I said... well why not the notes? Yes that's my head working. The only thing that I don't like about this, is that maybe would make a bit for a hard reading... nonetheless, it's perfect, because she could be talking about an ancient score an the paper does demonstrate it!.

    Anyway this was my other choice.

    And finally, the one I like the most, you have the musical score a bit more obscure to make for a better readibilty and the strings from the violin used to accompany the title.

    Hope you have enjoyed an interesting journey to my head...

    I think this is the first time that I encountered I could do a bit more of work behind the scenes for the cap. Have you ever encountered if you are a captioner, such a dilemma? Or if you are not a captioner... do you care about it, or just go for the story?

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hi gals, no, no, no this is not a campaign as the title suggest. This is a preview of a caption I'm working on :D

    Recently I had a conversation on medical care with a friend of the university, and we talked about how medics from my country gives you Ibuprofen for about anything you have, and well almost any medicine have a component of Ibuprofen in its formula. The pill of the future, or so called it the brits! You got brits for everything these days *giggle*


    Working on that Idea and since we talk stuff sometimes about feminity in our captions, I had the idea of changing Ibuprofen to Feminofren as it would be a pill that medics give you by going to the hospital. Like that would happen! heh heh heh

    And another thing:

    made, crafted, enveloped: I know it sounds redundant, but that's on porpuse. Made for making the idea, crafted for creating the pill and enveloped for putting it in a box. But maybe this wouldn't be understand at all, if not explained :P

    Enjoy it!

    A bit Caitlyniesque but, I like the format :P

    Thanks to my lovely friend Kyra for proofreading my caps. I hope we can bounce something good from this collaboration and possible more ideas for both ends :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 04/17/12--11:16: Enie, meanie girl
  • Hi gals, today I bring a cap with a story I promised long ago :)

    I hope you enjoy what I've done for today. As I don't have much time to go into a blabbery frenzy, studies ahead you know. I'll only say that this introduces Calliope as a frisky girl, but we'll see! :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Noticed a mistake on readibility, changed and edited :)

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  • 04/21/12--14:48: Alectra's appreciation day
  • Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption but hopefully stories to tell, criticism on myself and my ever changing mood. So if you don't feel like taking this travel with me, pass along, the next post surely will contain a gorgeous caption.

    Let me start from the beginning...

    First I've been meaning to say this. Lately I don't feel much appreciated at all around me. Probably it just depression reaching to me or an uneventful truth. I mean, I don't feel love, I don't feel someone reaching to me and saying: -"Its okay, I care for you, don't worry. Everything will turn out for the better."-

    No, not at all. Instead I get bad news, jeopardizing my situation in the university. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pay a bigger sum of what already I have to pay. from 32€ to 100€ its a big deal to me right now. Not to say that if I don't get another scholarship I'll have to pay something around 1400€ ouh and my brother will enter university too, so depending on the case. Worst case scenario only one will enter university...

    Yeah that's how things are turning out for my country. My government, is lead by a bunch of souless people making decrees each day!. Yeah you read it right, each day. To make more cuts, as the situation is getting worse and worse. But the culprits won't pay. Here's the funny from a decree of this government debtors won't pay anything back to the department of finance. Ouh well, yes only a 10% of what they have... guess what? These people are jeopardizing the situation of Spain. You got the big business players, from famous sportmens not a paying a single euro to the state. Very funny... Guess the sum? 60.000 millions of euros. Now the debt of Spain 80.000 millions of euros?! something is clearly wrong in here.

    And what we got? People saying how bad the socialists did in the last elections, and how good the conservatives PP party would do... an even saying they are the same, while they are not.

    These very same people, didn't vote and clearly derived their wrong ideas to the rest of the country... 

    At this very moment I need a hug, but not only that, I want someone to smile for me, but not only that, I want someone to reach out to me and say: -"Hey, don't worry, everything is going to be alright"-

    After this little rant I'll express what I'm passing through psychologically speaking:

    Now, I don't know if I'm making Alectra coming out more or what. But I clearly expressed to my Anthropology professor that I need to know more about the differences of women and men. As a feminist, my professor is proud of the idea there is no such a convention. This is all made up to make inequalities grow more. And she's right, probably now that I'm more in Synch with my feminine side, I'm getting to know the differences that we in our society express. So for that, in June I'll get to know more about this subject thanks to my professor and hopefully I'll create better stories and grow up more as a person. Obviously that part is only for my online side, I'm not expressing that out loud, but I clearly see, my professor is making her own idea of my behaviour at all levels in class.

    Another point I wanted to bring today is my growth for that very same matter expressed before.

    Today I felt that a lovely angry lot was hitting on my doorstep. Comedy for you, but an idea for me:

    -"So whatz upppp with yu and sup tis matter about gettin' depress or wutz? Gizzzz mooaaaar"-

    - A lovely monster reach for his inadequately educated companion and begins to translate what he said -

    -"Allow me to say, what he obviously couldn't: He want more captions, perhaps with sex involved"-

    - A bunch of grown ups reach to him and crown him as the speaker while making a cute mass of his body... quite the mess -

    - Tis need more captzzzzz, mooooooooooooooarrrrrrr, boooooooty, moooooooooar cocks... Cocks noooooo, moaaaaaaaaaaaaar cunts... -

    - Needless to say they also make a lovely mass of bones from the "stupid" one -

    So what's with the story? Nothing, just my head trying to cheer me up with nonsense...

    A bit of critique to me:

    This was my first caption:

    So you have to start over somewhere and I can say its not bad at all for a starter, but it wasn't good enough for me so I have to advance. What this caption lacked: Style, proper writing, punctuation, better phrases, adecuate fonts. Really Comic Life just make life easier for you... a bit too much and you start to lack where you shouldn't. Language barrier also... 
    This was my last caption without help:

    After two an a half year, improvements are quite noticeable. Made with another program yes, but much more consistent in both style and writing. This is clearly what other notice as an Alectra cap. Good taste in choice of imagery, great backstory, imaginative and unique use of words and ultimately enticing and teasing. The language barrier is still there, but with holes on it. Even if tiny, but holes trying to make it crumble. 

    And this was my last caption with proofreading:

     Not much to say from before, but with little improvements and having Kyra as a proofreader it does help to make it shine, more than ever. And for that I'm very grateful. The story is much more consistent and the plot don't fall over a huge pletorah of ramblings!

    I even got a huge compliment from Caitlyn, so that's means a lot to me!.

    Alectra's style:pointers on how to do a caption

    If you want you can take a look at my pointers on how to do a cap.

    Okay enough of praise, I said I wanted to critique myself, so I'll put points on which I'll try to work on, hopefully something will come out of this.

    - I feel like I travelled a long way, and still has to go another long one in an unending road filled with stalemates and barriers, walls, earthquakes, gaps and holes to make my journey more difficult. but still even with the improvement made, I lack the writing, I lack the powerful nature of a well endowed word working alongside a good sentence and making feasible a paragraph that would make a grand story!. Not only in English but in Spanish too... for that, what I said.

    - I need to be less wordy. Nuff said

    - I should know whether to complicate the writing or simplify it. I'm usually too much fond of a grand use of aesthetical words.

    - I need to imagine and create better backgrounds and choose the right selection of fonts, make myself an army of them if needed.

    - I feel the need to come up with a basic of where to put the text over and if I need to put a gradient to make the writing more readable.

    - I usually double check, triple check and more?! to be ever vigilant of typos, those pesky maniacs not wanting to behave and put sand over a shining prhase.

    - I want to keep making myself better at it. I want to wrap you into my stories and demand more.

    - I want to explore more fetishes, not only of latex lives the woman!.

    - I want to create better plots, the whole bad mistress and frisky girl is amusing but I'm growing tired of doing dark storylines. I want to explore realism, so for that I need to know more of what my professor will gladly provide me.

    - I want to express emotions that I can feel deep within me and reach to you better.

    - I want to keep exploring fonts, styles, plots, subplots and such.

    - I want to know better how a woman behaves, so that way I can express women behaviour with almost anything.

    - Smut? Not sure on that, free sex, is free sex. I think I'm better at enticing people with suggestible images rather than a huge scene of a big cock getting emtrampled inside a pussy while you can pick a woman moaning from the ram she is enduring. Like I said better not!.

    - I want to be more responsive to what others create for me, so that way I can depict better scenarios for them.

    Once again, these wouldn't be possible if not for the help I've been obtaining along the way. So thank you for that. Probably in the future I'll try my hand at Photoshop, and the day I'm able to comprehend it, my caps will reach a new level.

    After all this huge post. I feel the need to create or someone to create for me an Alectra's appreciation day. I want to feel cared and I want to know that I'm cared for. I want to know that I touched people's lives, that I changed somehow their behaviour, that I made their day. Whether through my stories or by having a good chat. I want to make a great impression and I want to feel needed. I want Alectra's strength coming back to me, because she is my way to express myself freely. 

    I need a hug...

    And I want to create a story out of this pic, because I feel it pretty much summarize what I feel right now...

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Like many are doing now and to keep sanity at bay. I changed the reactions to like or love it. To know if you just like it or need more of it whit a love option.

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    Hi gals, today I bring you a cap with two stories. As undecided I turn out to be, I felt that I needed to do this in both ways. To the evil characters out there and to the loving ones too!

    The Curse: Light Version

    The Curse: Dark Version

    Personally I like the first one and no, no I haven't been kidnap and taken to lovely land :)

    So enjoy!

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    Hi gals today I cannot bring you a caption yet. I don't have much time and also I forgot to post this over here:

    This last thursday I went on a visit to the ophthalmologist to check my vision, because I started to lose acuteness on it. I posted this on Tumblr, but forgot to post it here. Sorry!

    “Got new glasses today… it seems I was using half of my vision with the previous one. A visit to the ophthalmologist paid off and so I’m wearing my new perfect red glasses :) I still need to wait for the effect of the collyrium to wear off, but I got my vision back! :D

    Seriously because I was starting to go out like this @_@

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra”

    Ouh I've been prescribed Collyrium for the rest of my life! Yeah another thing to my chronic list! 

    What I can really show is two photomanips I did this week while I was on vacation time. One is done for a Story to Kyra and the other is for Tera of Hypnopics Collective or you can also reach her in here:  or here:

    I would love to go into much more details about the process, but my vision won't hold that much words and I must say that the images should be self explanatory. It's not like I've done something that big! :P

    Anyway here are the two photomanips done:

    To Kyra:


    To Tera:

    And that's it!

    If by any means you are a Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro expert or in training like me feel free to post your own conclusions :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 05/09/12--17:11: Opposite change (For Kyra)
  • Hi gals as you may know is way too late in Spain right now. If you don't know that well. Let's say is around 2:00 AM but I don't have a desire to sleep without releasing this, I'm sure, awaited cap.

    So without further addo...

    Enjoy it!

    I'm also sure that by now, you noticed that I'm an university student. So with very much regret I have to tell you that this is going to be the last one for now (probably) Until late June. And I mean it this time. Finals are coming and they are coming hard, due to so much skipped classes because of strikes, festivities, and other stuff happening around my university :$

    So I hope you have enjoyed everything so far, that you keep watching me if you are new or revisit whatever from here as I cannot go on for now. I hope you can understand this :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hey gals, sorry the long absence studies and such, you know the drill by now...

    First it has been a hectic month, I won't go into details, this is supposed to be sexy. So I'll refrain from speaking out loud that we have been rescued and that our economy sucks big time due to some of our banks, not paying attention and living in another plane of reality. Okay I'll stop there...

    I wanted to come back as soon as possible, but I may need a day to recover or so, and then the ten days after I'll be doing my next exam. Certainly I didn't want to make you wait that longer and here we are, doing an introductory post to a possible caption much later. Just saying!

    But like I'm saying I'm pretty much like this right now.

    Ouh did you see not even a hint of latex, I'm not right now In a latex mind set so don't expect Alectra yet *giggle*

    In other news I have the following to do list:

    - Fulfill my to capback list (ever growing)
    - Do some caps for the E-zine
    - Read the lovely messages from wufoo
    - Fulfill those requests so long delayed (This is starting to feel like booking a flight right?)
    - Do more personal auto imposed requests, which will go first along this summer

    And I could be doing something else, but I wanted to express this sentiment. Stay tight there could be some more news even later today!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 06/22/12--15:09: Motivational me!
  • Hel-lo gals! ;) 

    University is done, so expect naughtiness coming your nearest informatic device soooooon! In the meantime - gosh I love that word - Here's some motivational posters for you to enjoy. Just need my proofie done and you shall enjoy some great stories, no more hype for you gals, but it shall be good *giggle*

    Still if you are that desperate you can always wait a little for the new Haven Ezine where you can expect some juicy stories of mine, I created this time some sort of interactive story that if you are bad gals *giggle* I shall do in the future, but it takes time, to create that, so I don't expect to create thousands of them ;P

    And yes, I'll do those sooooo long awaited requested stories, gosh I need more time you know! :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 06/23/12--13:01: Alternate Reality
  • Hi gals ;)

    Let's keep posting while the inspiration is there, so you may or not see a bunch of "quick" captions - that's an understatement in me - for your own - mine - amusement *giggle*

    This is a bit personal -this was the image I asked to be captioned long ago, alas no one to give it a try! - not to worry I just did it myself. So I hope you can still find some potential arousing of your own in there, also hearing Caitlyn's voice in my head: This isn't readable; I need something to read it better; not bad but you should picture the image here; etc. *giggle* I ended copying 
    - stealing - her own style, no other reason hehe. No but really, I love to experiment and this was a fun one to do it so. I'm still looking for the perfect place to put the text, to not throw walls of text, to put tantalizing pictures for the story, and find better plots.

    Feel free to throw your own opinions on these and feel free to ask for anything you want to see next. I'm curious at what people want to see me trying! :)

    Here's the image in bigger quality if anyone of you wants to try though...

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  • 06/23/12--17:38: Wickedly Bonded
  • Hi again gals, seeing how I liked this format. I tried it once again for two very unrelated reasons, but that are good reasons *giggle*

    1. Evie had done me dozens of caps and still I hadn't found one that would make her justice, so here's one showing my love to her ♥

    2. I've been called many times Alektra instead of Alectra, so there is seems destiny wants to play a big part here, for you see:

    She is called Alektra Blue and I forgive them, because there is no big difference between two sexy bitches afterall  just a tiny letter making the difference really, and no, no, no I didn't know anything about her when I chosen my name ;P

    Okay onto the cap:

    Btw the blondie minx is called Sophia Lynn, and these two are inseparable too, Coincidence? I don't believe so *giggle*

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  • 07/12/12--14:45: Looks who's celebrating!
  • Howdy Gals! Here's a "little" post about me and my days at the Haven, that place you don't want to miss if you want to me, me, me, me , me ouh there others captioners, I heard they are good as well. But don't miss me! *giggle*

    Nah just joking, they are fabulous and they are my second family as well since I decided to join them ;)

    For those that are havenites:

    So today I bring you a funny silly cap about how Alectra would have been created, of course, funny jokes are ahead and some dealing with not only my cherised captioners but also some of my dearest friends. 

    Enjoy ;)

    So long till I can cook some new captions ;) In two days there is my official two years anniversary, but I wanted to post it sooner :P

    Thanks for following me so far!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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    Hi gals, first yes you read it right. This young fella has started to swim in the wonderful world of coding... Not so, but yes coding *giggle*

    But first things firsts, will get there don't worry.

    Okay bad news:

    - This terrible warm weather seems unending and here in Spain is paying a high price. I cannot connect my computer nor my laptop due to high temperatures of 38ºC with a relative humidity of 60% to 70% so yes, like a dried desert... This makes my computer and probably my CPU and mother board rise temperatures of 88ºC in the worst case (Just five mins and the temperature is around 60ºC already). I know I have to buy a new fan, but as today I cannot afford it, because I have to change others components when that happens. 

    And why do I know of this: I have the program EVEREST ULTIMATE EDITION which apart of giving a great diagnosis of your computer and it components it also tell when the fan has an error and it checks for the temperature of the components. So yes both of this happened, fan error and high temperatures...

    - Second bad news: As some of you may know, especially those living in Spain. Our scholarship could be jeopardized the next year if you fall for the next consequences:

    . You don't have over an average score of 6,5 out of 10. Check I have over 7 to 8

    . You have to pass the 90% of your credits... Not check I have three subjects with a fail and September is the last call. What is worse in the year 2014/2015 you will need to have 100% of your credits otherwise is a big fail... No matter what you score in the rest of them, so you will halved, yes halved your scholarship or no scholarship at all.

    . Bad economy: Really all this deppresing news about bad economy pays a high toll and we cannot stay looking everyday at the bad news over and over and over again.

    And more or less these are the reason of my absence.

    Now good news:

    . Captions are underway YAY!

    . I won't fail those subjects as I've been studying whenever possible and hard!

    . I'm making a game in RAGS... Those that don't know what RAGS is: 

    Now for the caption *giggle*

    Okay now onto the game, because I know the moment you heard about it, you are all really interested. :)

    First I like RAGS game, I love some of them, I find that some great authors nailed it while making a game, but I always had the feeling that something was really amiss.

    Now there are three types of creators:

    . Writers and coders (Those are a handful of experienced people which combines their abilities with a schedule and have drafts of what they want to do. Often have photoshop skills and add a different feel to a non comercial game. E.G. : "Bodywerks" and "Rough Landing 1 and 2" are at the top of my mind, also the previous "Drunken Cowboy", an also "Dartmoth Manor" or the acclaimed in TG/TF gamesites "Delacroix" and some others )

    . Coders but not writers (there are lots of them, that start a game but leaves almost but a few writings here and there, and sometimes in my opinion don't let you explore the lore of the game)

    . Writers but no coders. (I'm at that position right now)

    Let's assume it, I'm a writer and I think thats the best I can do. I always see people complaining about how long it takes for someone to make an udpate in RAGS, well you go and fire the designer and see how hard is actually  to make an action in which you really wasted like five seconds. Until I learnt how to do a proper examine action it took me an hour as I was getting into it. I need to learn every aspect and you can only learn this by trial and error. I will not say that I despise coders but I hold the most respect for their works. Just started doing it so since Friday when silly me decided to see if I could stuff around. It seems I can, but even for making an action and then another but not nice attached can deliver a bug... LOTS OF THEM!

    So reading from the introduction manuals, watching questions here and there about RAGS and with the great aid of my friend MDQP which by the way you can find it here and his great game:

    Tales of the drunken cowboy (and its actually not about a drunk cowboy... preposterous!)

    And with that I got someone with an experienced look to assist me in the first steps of my wacky adventure. And now I'm sure some of you are saying... Why not post it in TF/TG Gamesites or Hypnopics Collective?

    Well I have my reasons:

    1. I'm not a native speaker of english, is just my second language no matter how hard I try to express myself in a correct manner, there is someone out there bound to tell me I shouldn't speak in this language, so better avoid it...

    2. I don't think my game project is somewhat complete to be called a DEMO or to be worthy of others to take a look. Right now is just me messing with the designer and trying to accomplish something... So perhaps it will take me in a good time estimate of 1 year or half year.

    3. So why not wait for the surprise, well I should expect that I tell others that I'm doing it, someone is bound to help me both with proofreading (and I try to bring a lot of text so...) and coding, which I recognise is hard, even with my experience in basic HTML xD

    4. Its a big project, is not ambitious because the writing is already done and you all have been reading it. More or less like Smitty did with his captions but taking it a step further. Basically I'll take some selected stories and mash up into a big adventure with many bad ends, good ends and that terrible end where the player stays the same... Meh!!! Obviously thats for the bones of the game which is all back to coding, what I do have to write is the conversations, actions and expansions into the stories, and still make it sense. :)

    So no other than MDQP and Kyra has taken a look into it. If you are a coder from TG/TF gamesite or HC and don't mind the bad spelling here and here, or take a look at my attempt of coding, I'll be willing to share a copy of what I have been doing, just to gather more experience.

    Update: Here's a little teaser for those of you that would be interested in seeing complete :P

    And that's all folks! Probably my biggest post until now!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Forgot to say that there are no more captchas stuff, probably this will get more access for you to comment on my blog. but if I see too much spam I'll go back to captchas... We will see!

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  • 08/07/12--16:50: S/wordplay (For Kaity)
  • Ok howdy gals :) At this fine hour of the day, almost going to sleep but saw this image in Kait's - Not to be confused with Cait's, there is a C in there gals - and I couldn't resist to throw an insta story. So what's an insta story, thats a house secret *giggle*

    Okay, part of it is to announce the new blog down the neighbourhood, the one with pink dots in the doorknobs and naked gals going on and out everynight. Yup! That K for you, part naughty part nice and sweet. Bitter sweet *giggle*


    You can find her blog in the following place: Kaity's Fantabulous Captions

    And while we are at it. I'll show you a great caption that seemed to have a good reception :P

    Have naughty dreams gals, until next time :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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  • 08/08/12--09:28: Not Starwars
  • Howdy people today I got a surge of inspiration and I bring you a bunch of captions. Enjoy :)

    A bit silly I know, but I like silly so enjoy it really *giggle* ;)

    More to come!

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  • 08/08/12--09:32: Double Issues
  • Okay second one, a bit of back story in there to make sense. So you can either relate to the mistress or the one who will become one in the future :)

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  • 08/08/12--09:37: Blanked
  • Okay this one really struck to me, you know when you start writing at some point you are going to make at least one great story, this one for me today. Personally I just don't like "blank stories" and not many either, being a total new person is not a turn on because that would kill the character they are supposed to impersonate. But there is always room for a new start so I played with that in the story, saving me from the total kill of character!

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  • 08/08/12--09:46: The Collective
  • And the last post for now, this is a caption, an anime (hentai doujinshi) caption to be precise dealing with images of DinaRanger, in this case Zofa soldiers being transformed. So now that I know Danielle like this things I just had to invoke my frisky and lustful side and enjoy making this story :P

    So Enjoy! Its a rare hehe

    And I don't know if this weekend I will post something thats depends on how's the weather around here, we are about to suffer a nice rise of the temperature :$

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  • 08/18/12--18:01: Calling in sick
  • Hi gals, today I don't bring you a caption sorry... It seems last night I suffered from a heatstroke and even had to go to the hospital to pass a medical check. Nothing wrong so far except for tachycardias. Yes apparently I'm suffering from them and this made me more vulnerable to heat.

    For those that don't live in Spain we are now going through a heat wave in our weather and its a bit unbearable, so thats another reason from my recent illness. Today I felt a bit better so I decided to post this just to let others now that I wanted to make a caption. Sorry!

    I'm a bit burnt right now... And also already got an appointment with my medic for further checks on those tachycardias episodes, don't worry.

    This won't hurt you, now say ahhhh!

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    Hi gals, I'm back from the land of the sick - now I know you are following in Tumblr and already heard that joke, well you got it twice, I'm not for silly dilly - dally singing jokes *giggle* - So while I'm studying and getting into it, preparing for more captions ideas - after the study - and so on, and on...

    I thought I would post another contest... Another one really *giggle* No there was one a year ago or so, go back and check!


    Okay, so I know there are lots of people that are getting linked to a default model or special one... Like Dee or Evie, or Jennifer or Kyra who recently got one attached or so she said :P

    So In the events of someone deciding that I should be using as an avatar this or that model, please make your suggestions and I'll choose the one I like the most and with a caption prize for the winning person. If and only if I have time I may choose a first prize, second prize and third prize. All of them with captions involved ;P

    So I know is going kind of hard to beat this current avatar beauty goodness goddess of Epitome of feminity blah, blah, blah Hot gal, etc. but I never said it would be easy :) (You actually had to read this in crescendo for more fun *giggle*)

    If by any means you go Anon at least put a short description of why I should be using your chosen model and preferred name for the caption to use :)

    P.S: I think at some point some of you will think automatically of Bianca Beauchamp, but I don't really see a "me" in her, so while she is the most beautiful gal out there - in my opinion - it doesn't have "Alectraness" inside of her :P

    P.S2: Thanks for all the get well wishes, you rock gals :)

    Forgot to se a deadline, silly me :P  

    The contest will be up till the end of September, until then no more stuff from me. After that, lots of new caps :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

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